Stolen Moments 365 Project


Two posts in one day! I know we’re spoiling you! We are just very excited to be sharing with you our newest creative endeavour. We’ve decided to get back to our Street Photography roots just recently and since doing so have come up with a project that Katie and I are really excited about. Our street photography was the very thing that gave us the confidence to move into wedding photography in the first place. We shoot together when we’re out so naturally focus on moments of intimacy. Realising we had been creating a catalogue of shots involving the capture of these moments it seemed natural to invest ourselves in a project that shared this with our followers, friends and family.

We’ll be blogging each picture here on our WordPress and our new Weebly blogs respectively as well as posting up the content on our personal 365 project page.

We’ve already had an amazing response on Facebook to the photos and the first few posts on the 365 website so we’re super excited to share it with you guys!

If you like it, do remember to like and share it with friends. And if you really like it, don’t forget to leave us some comments!

Matt ( and Katie)

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