A Bloomin’ Marvellous Romantic Shoot – Louise and Craig. #engagementphotography

We were very very lucky the other day in the Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh. Not only did we have our first combined Engagement/Maternity shoot but it gave us a chance to shoot in one of Edinburgh’s most iconic and romantic spots.

IMG_7678 IMG_7444 IMG_7497

Aren’t they a cute couple? Super good fun to work with. Had a great laugh all afternoon.

We’re now very excited to meet their new baby at the wedding in May. For more photos from the shoot follow the link below –



For more photos follow the link below to our website for the full post –


So I asked and she said yes :-)………..

So I asked and she said yes :-)...........

So after two short years my lovely lady love, business partner and all around rock has agreed to share her life with me. Very happy boy. Funnily enough being in the wedding industry you don’t think about your own very much. Now, I really do need to find a good wedding photographer 🙂 . And a venue, and a caterer, oh god………..