A Bloomin’ Marvellous Romantic Shoot – Louise and Craig. #engagementphotography

We were very very lucky the other day in the Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh. Not only did we have our first combined Engagement/Maternity shoot but it gave us a chance to shoot in one of Edinburgh’s most iconic and romantic spots.

IMG_7678 IMG_7444 IMG_7497

Aren’t they a cute couple? Super good fun to work with. Had a great laugh all afternoon.

We’re now very excited to meet their new baby at the wedding in May. For more photos from the shoot follow the link below –



For more photos follow the link below to our website for the full post –




Hi guys! Sorry for the hiatus on posts. We’ve been insanely busy this summer with birthdays, maternity, weddings and all sorts. We have also now launched a new website, thankfully under the same domain name – http://www.mattephotography.co.uk Please do join us and head over for a gander at our new site now! Be lovely to hear from you 🙂 we’ve got some spectaulculat offers on for autumn so don’t miss out!

You Don’t Take A Photograph, You Make It.

As said by the late, great Ansel Adams and how right he was. Whilst Matt has been a photographer for a few years now I’m really just beginning to hone my photographic skills. I’ve always been passionate about photography but it was always more of a hobby until I saw how much pleasure Matt felt, joining in with couples for their special day. That was when I decided I wanted to stop taking photos and start making them.
We are lucky in Edinburgh to have one of the most photogenic cities in the world. I love nothing more than grabbing my trusty Canon and heading out to take candid pictures, the people of Edinburgh are an interesting lot.
Working with my partner in business and life is a real pleasure and I’m so delighted that we have not only set up our photography business but we are now also running a Camera Club for the children of Edinburgh. It is a project I am genuinely excited about and can’t wait to teach them ‘You don’t take a photograph, you make it.’


70 Years Young . . .

70 Years Young . . .

and still the most glamorous!

Just back from the Dalmahoy Marriott after shooting a 70th birthday celebration. The family were incredibly photogenic, which made our job easier no doubt! It did not take them long to warm up to the camera. We snapped some candid shots as they caught up and had a few drinks! This is a definite first for us but was a really enjoyable experience from start to finish. The family had a few ideas of photos they would like and we were happy to oblige (as well as getting a few that we wanted too.) We are very pleased with the end result and hope they are as well. We’re also shooting one of the daughter’s weddings later this year. We can’t wait to join the family in celebration once more.

So I asked and she said yes :-)………..

So I asked and she said yes :-)...........

So after two short years my lovely lady love, business partner and all around rock has agreed to share her life with me. Very happy boy. Funnily enough being in the wedding industry you don’t think about your own very much. Now, I really do need to find a good wedding photographer 🙂 . And a venue, and a caterer, oh god………..

Villa Borghese Gardens, Rome Holiday

Villa Borghese Gardens, Rome Holiday

Truly one of the best places in the world to shoot romantic candid shots of couples, gorgeous pups playing in the long grass or people enjoying picnics in the shade of the the amazing trees of the Villa Borghese Gardens. My favourite part of our 3 hour walk through the gardens was this last part right before the descent to the Piazza del Popolo. Probably our favourite view of Rome so far at this point. We got great landscapes taking in St Peters and the Emmanuel II Monument. However our favourite shot was Katie as she rested her weary feet. My only gripe about Rome was the incessant street sellers however thanks to this chap with the roses it made what might have been just a good shot into a great shot. I didn’t realise until we got home how nicely it turned out. Thanks to all twitter followers and friends who suggested sweet spots for shots. It saved a lot of early and late forays for which Katie would have murdered me several times over. (Expressly defined months in advance that this was not a photography holiday 🙂 lol)

Cat Sanctuary Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary

Cat Sanctuary Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary

Despite having two kittens at home Katie insisted we visit the Cat sanctuary situated in the centre of Rome on the very spot (apparently) that Julius Caesar met his demise. The work that the cat lovers who run this sanctuary do is amazing. The kittens and cats are all very clearly loved and what more could anyone or anything ask for. This particular kitten quickly became a favourite of Katie’s, not only because of the one eye but because the kitten very quickly made itself at home around Katie’s neck like a scarf – much to her delight.