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Villa Borghese Gardens, Rome Holiday

Villa Borghese Gardens, Rome Holiday

Truly one of the best places in the world to shoot romantic candid shots of couples, gorgeous pups playing in the long grass or people enjoying picnics in the shade of the the amazing trees of the Villa Borghese Gardens. My favourite part of our 3 hour walk through the gardens was this last part right before the descent to the Piazza del Popolo. Probably our favourite view of Rome so far at this point. We got great landscapes taking in St Peters and the Emmanuel II Monument. However our favourite shot was Katie as she rested her weary feet. My only gripe about Rome was the incessant street sellers however thanks to this chap with the roses it made what might have been just a good shot into a great shot. I didn’t realise until we got home how nicely it turned out. Thanks to all twitter followers and friends who suggested sweet spots for shots. It saved a lot of early and late forays for which Katie would have murdered me several times over. (Expressly defined months in advance that this was not a photography holiday 🙂 lol)