Hi guys! Sorry for the hiatus on posts. We’ve been insanely busy this summer with birthdays, maternity, weddings and all sorts. We have also now launched a new website, thankfully under the same domain name – Please do join us and head over for a gander at our new site now! Be lovely to hear from you 🙂 we’ve got some spectaulculat offers on for autumn so don’t miss out!

So I asked and she said yes :-)………..

So I asked and she said yes :-)...........

So after two short years my lovely lady love, business partner and all around rock has agreed to share her life with me. Very happy boy. Funnily enough being in the wedding industry you don’t think about your own very much. Now, I really do need to find a good wedding photographer 🙂 . And a venue, and a caterer, oh god………..

Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography

This is one of my favourite wedding shots from 2013. Gorgeous relaxed wedding of Katharine and Ben. We got so many great shots this day but this one stands out as it’s just so cute. Katharine looks like a young #vivienleigh #ladyolivier in her classic gown. Ben fetchingly handsome. Thanks to both for allowing us to be a part of your incredibly #specialwedding day. Such a #privilege.